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Good Food Good Things - Home of Diane Browne Catering

We serve coffee, teas and breakfast items made fresh daily. All of our salads and soups are made fresh daily too. We try to make all of our food from healthy and organically grown produce when it's possible.

Pastries and Baked Goods

In the morning we always have a wide selection of pastries, muffins and bagels. Lucero, our baker, is also always preparing different pies, cakes and breads. Lucero can also make cakes for special occassions.

Salads and Sandwiches

We serve a variety of salads and sandwiches daily. Sandwiches are always made from breads that are delivered to us every day.

Trudy's Soup of the Day

Trudy prepares two soups every day - We never know what magic Trudy is going to perform from one day to the next, but one thing is for certain, whatever she conjures up, it's going to be delicious. The only way to know is to check this web page everyday to see what Trudy is serving and then come in and try it out. - We also list Trudy's soups on Twitter and our Facebook page.

Corporate Catering Services

We also prepare corporate lunches. Check out our Corporate Catering page for more details.

We source organic from local farmers and perveyors whenever possible!

Best of the Gold Coast 2009

Winner of the Best of Everything Award
Best of the Gold Coast, 2009

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